Young Gun

Patrick Schober
born: June 30. 2004 in Spain
Austrian and Slovak citizen
passion: motorsport
favorite driver: Sebastian Vettel.
2021 Austrian champion Formula 4
2021 FIA-CEZ Champion Formula 4
2021 Drexler Pokal Champion Formula 4
2021 ESET V4 Cup Champion Formula 4
2021 Youngtimer YT3 Champion BMW E46 325i

Follow Patrick Schober, a young race driver.

Patrick turned his passion for racing into ambition, dedication and he is extremely focused on pushing forward, pushing the limits to become constantly better.
Racing is in Patrick’s DNA since already his father, Peter Schober, was a very successful motor sportsman and racer since the 1980s.
He won several national touring car championships in Austria and Slovakia.


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The family enterprise Procar Motorsport is one of the leading competitors in the area of motorsport events and therefore driving formula race cars, race taxis, and company events have been constants in Patrick’s life.
Already at the age of 9 Patrick steered a Porsche 996 GT3 on a race track - of course with his father in the coaching seat.


Patrick made history when he - at the age of 10 - first steered a formula race car on an airfield race track.
He also made history when he became the youngest title holder in Austrian automobile motorsport history in 2019.
Not forgeth his very successful in kart competitions culminating in his participation in the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF) at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimao, Portugal in 2017 as Slovakia’s official representative. Also in 2018 he was the Slovak cup champion in Rotax Max Junior.

In 2020 Patrick won the vice title at the FIA-CEZ, the Austrian Championship and the Drexler Pokal, because these championships were influenced by strange incidents from the Slovak motorsport authorities. (

In 2021 Patrick made history again, he became champion in 5 different championships and even in 2 different vehicle categories.

2021 Austrian champion Formula 4
2021 FIA-CEZ champion Formula 4
2021 Drexler Pokal champion Formula 4
2021 ESET V4 Cup champion Formula 4
2021 Youngtimer YT3 champion BMW E46 325i

Patrick sees his future in racing, his passion is racing but in the end it all comes down to budget, finance, networks and sponsors.
No matter how much experience, talent, passion, determination and focus you have got to offer, it is still money and luck, in whatever order, that literally keeps you in business.

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